Contact Lens Exams

What to Expect at Your First Contact Lens Exam

If you've had enough of wearing glasses every day, contacts can be a great option for you. At Main Street Optics, our team is here to help. Here, we'll take a look at what you can expect from your first contact lens exam.

Contact Lens Exam

Your Eye Exam

Much of your contact lens exam will be similar to eye exams that you've had in the past. Your eye doctor will check your vision and screen your eyes for any conditions that need attention. If you have any concerns about your vision, it's important that you mention them to your eye doctor.

Contact Lens Fitting

After your eye exam, your eye doctor will measure your eyes to find the right contact lens size for you. Don't worry: this process is painless and does not require any contact with the surface of your eye.

After your doctor has determined which contact lens size is the right fit for you, he'll take out some sample contacts for you to try. If you've never worn contacts before, your eye doctor will teach you how to place them on the surface of your eye, as well as how to remove your contacts.

Your eye doctor will ask you several questions to decide which contact lens brand is the right fit for you. You may have special needs that require a certain brand. For example, if you deal with dry eye, need hard to fit contacts, or have certain vision conditions, your doctor may have a specific brand in mind that will work best for your needs.

Your eye doctor will also talk with you about how to keep your eyes safe while you're wearing your contacts. It's important that you follow your doctor's instructions, as wearing contacts can leave your eyes more susceptible to certain issues (like infection) that can harm your vision. If you find that your contacts don't feel comfortable after your appointment, you'll want to contact your doctor to address your concerns.

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